Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Corona "Start your Engines!"

Pole Position is Top Attraction In Corona!
For the past year Pole Position Raceway as been in the top 10 requested pages at InCorona.com Pole Position also leads the way in top requested pages in our entertainment section.
If you have not been to Pole Position you have got to check this place out. Pole Position is a pure adrenaline rush for all ages.
Pole Position offers high speed indoor karts that scream around an indoor European style rack track. It's heart racing fun from the beginning to end as you work to develop your driving skills in the curves to out maneuver your fellow racers.
Pole Position is a great place for birthday parties, corporate events, and special occasions. Pole Position is also a great place to take out of town visitors that will leave them talking for months about their trip to Corona.
Pole Position Raceway has special events throughout the month. Check our Community Calendar or visit our pole Position Raceway page for more information.
So get off the stop-and-go 91 freeway, strap on a helmet, climb in a high speed kart and make your own fast-lane!

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www.incorona.com has over 300 pages online dedicated to the City of Corona. Our Top 10 pages visited in January 2007 were:
The www.InCorona.com Main Home Page www.incorona.comCorona Crossings Information Page www.incorona.com/coronacrossings.htm Entertainment Page www.incorona.com/restaurants.htmDos Lagos Information Page www.incorona.com/doslagos.htmMovie information Page www.incorona.com/entertainment2.aspRestaurants Page www.incorona.com/restaurants.htmPole Position Page www.incorona.com/racing.aspCalendar Page www.incorona.com/calendar.aspShopping Page www.incorona.com/shopping.htmCorona Parks www.incorona.com/parks.asp

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